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Let’s Do A Complimentary Clarity Coaching Call & Help You Reach Your Goals Faster

If you’d like to experience a 30 minute, Complimentary Clarity Coaching Call to figure out what’s holding you back right now, or learn more about transforming your life forever in small manageable steps through either of my 90 day programs: “Break-free and Be” or “Purposeful Living”, you can reach out to me directly and schedule a virtual complimentary clarity coaching call using the Calendly link below.

Here’s what some have said…

This was life-changing. From our first call, I felt Jade accepted me as is. At no point did I ever feel she was trying to change me. I felt understood, supported, and, most of all, held accountable. I had no idea this experience could go as deep as it did. I’ve participated in coaching that only scratched the surface. I had no idea there were so many layers, that I would feel safe peeling into them or that someone was out there to help me. (Lindsay)

The coaching session was amazing. You did such a great job leading me by asking the right questions. I remember you hitting a lot of my vulnerable spots. You helped me have a very powerful realization that I’m holding myself back from telling my story because I have shame about the past. And then, I was able to do a breathwork session around it afterwards, which helped me release some of that shame. Such a great session! Thank you, Jade. (Jacki)

A Clarity Coaching Call is a great opportunity to experience and see what coaching feels like real-time, so you can get a sense of how the process works and of course, you’ll feel how well we click. You may have a friend or family member you’d like to gift a Complimentary Clarity Coaching Call to as well!

I have a free gift for you at the end of your session, so reach out today to get started. Now, be an action taker, I believe you might be curious! PS: Baby Bear, our dog, is very quiet and she doesn’t repeat anything she sees.

To schedule your Complimentary Clarity Coaching Call, select a time and date below that works best for you to get started now:

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Some more raving fans…

I highly recommend Jade. She has helped me see and break through challenges of all kinds. She is an incredible resource for all types of processes to achieve success in life. Working with her is a real treat. (Harold)

Jade has brought so much awareness to my world. As someone who has been on a journey to learn and grow for the past 13 years, I had been carrying guilt, showing up in my body. Jade gave me understanding with support, asking the right questions so that I could see and make changes. She guided me to dive into my issues with her gentle yet firm direction. She is caring and dedicated to seeing you achieve your goals. Thank you, Jade! (Patricia)

Jade is excellent at creating a judge-free zone. I never felt rushed; she gave me l the time I needed to express myself. She’s a great listener, as well as having a wonderful sense of humour. Thank you, Jade! (Christine)

Jade is an amazing listener with a strong presence. It is so obvious that she wants to help people and set them on the road to success! She is open and kind. There is nothing like feeling seen and heard when talking about very real struggles and obstacles. (Brookah)

Jan 2023
Jan 2023